Alicja Kogut - Obrazy, obrazki, malowanki i cała reszta

Alicja Kogut

I am 60 years old. Because my art education, work as an art instructor and teacher, is in the past for long time by now, I am finally able to paint only music and notes that my soul is playing for me, that means painting more with my heart than with my logic.

There is an old saying that every age has it’s own set of rules, so on the base of that, I have given myself permission to the fireworks of colors, flying houses, ladders to heaven, my very own moon as well as my very own sun.
Everyday reality is being exchanged for vivid and colorful abstracts, surrealistic landscapes, where trees are growing on the clouds and trains are riding rainbows in the sky.
I have the right and great joy in breaking the laws of perspective, distorting obvious shapes and reversing the schemes of lights and shadows.

My paintings are created for myself and for those that like to see the world from better point of view.
It happens very often that my aquarelles initially ordered for children by parents, in the end are being hanged in the parents rooms.
It makes me very pleased to see like rough warps of daily life in all its difficulties and challenges are being smoothen out with a small dose of color, fantasy and joy.

Alicja Kogut

I am cooperating with DNA gallery in Wroclaw, thanks to that my paintings and other wonders are finding customers, which gives me great incentive to keep creating more.

In my own life, I am very happy and fulfilled person, and this is why, I have need to share what is most important with others: acceptance, kindness, admiration to the nature and joy of life.

"For me a picture have to be something pleasant, happy and cute, yes cute!
There is enough miserable things in life, so we don’t have to create any more of them..."

Auguste Renoir

How can we not agree with the master?

Alicja Kogut